A remote sex toy for intense play

Remote sex toy for intense play

A remote vibrater allows you to be more creative in your play and, let's say it, be more daring. We all have fantasies. Some are more conservative and others, well, are more risqué. Incorporating a remote sex toy is a perfect way to realize your fantasy play. Moreover, you will be happy to learn that remote control vibrators can stimulate your G-spot or your sweet spot, whichever you prefer. This article will give you some ideas and suggestions for some fun play with a remote sex toy.

A remote vibrater for edge play

Remote sex toy for intense edge play

A remote sex toy is a great way to increase the intensity of your pleasure. In our solo play, we often go for the quickie: Bing, bang, thank you, Ma'am. We want the immediate orgasm to get the stress release we need. Similarly, while we are happy afterward, we still have an appetite for much stronger and intense ecstasy.

For more intensity, you should try edging. What is edging, you might ask? Edge plays consist of bringing yourself near orgasm and stopping at the last second. Yes, it is very frustrating to deny yourself pleasure. But at the same time, you are building up your orgasm in such a powerful way. After you stop stimulating yourself, take a breather to allow the tension to subside, and then you start all over again. Edging increases your sexual tension and your arousal. Therefore, using a remote sex toy is perfect for this kind of play. Just press the button to start or to stop. Edgeplay will drive you wild and mad but imagine the intensity of your pleasure when you finally let yourself come! Ask your partner to control the remote and play with you if you find this too hard to do. Brace yourself for some intense fun time.

Remote sex toys to play with

Here are a few remote vibrater suggestions you can use. For your information, all of them are made with body-safe material.


Remote sex toy-Lelo Lyla 2:

Remote sex toy-Lelo Lyla 2

This remote vibrater will stimulate your G-spot, and the remote offers a very long range of 39 feet. But what we like about the Lelo Lyla 2 is the Sense motion remote. With a simple flick of your wrist, you can change the vibration patterns and intensity. This remote sex toy is 100% waterproof, and with the near-silent vibrations, it allows for more daring play. You can now enjoy this sexy dinner out without the fear of noise.

Get more information on the Lelo Lyla 2

Remote vibrater-OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H

Remote vibrater-OhMiBod-Club-Vibe 2

The remote sex toy- OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H is explicitly designed to stimulate your sweet spot. We like the OhMiBod Club Vibe because it vibrates and pulses to club music, concerts, or your lover's voice. It now gives you an infinite choice of vibration patterns since this wireless remote has a built-in mic. Additionally, this remote vibrater comes with a black lace thong to tuck it inside. You can now use your creativity for moments of pure bliss.

Get more information on the Club Vibe 2.OH

Remote sex toy-Vedo Peach

Remote control vibrator-Vedo Peach

This remote sex toy will tantalize your G-spot and tone your pelvic muscles. We like that the remote vibrater is very easy to use with its one-touch button controller. However, we must keep it simple if your partner is going to use the remote! This remote sex toy features ten powerful vibration modes and is very quiet.

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Vibrator panties-Lock and Play panty vibe:

Vibrator panties-i-Lock and Play Panty Teaser

This remote vibrater will provide you waves upon waves of unbridled pleasure on your sweet spot. What we like about the Lock and Play is the fact that the stimulator is equipped with ultra-strong magnetic tabs that fold into place on your favorite panties, keeping it securely in place just where you want it. A single press of the remote button will activate one of the 12 functions you can choose. With an extended range of almost 33 feet, you'll never be left wanting more.

Get more information on the Lock and Play


In conclusion, a remote sex toy will allow you to edge yourself and achieve some very intense orgasms. Also, you will be able to realize some of your wildest fantasies with the remote vibrater we suggested.

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