A Womanizer sex toy will totally blow your mind

Womanizer sex toy will blow your mind


A Womanizer sex toy provides you with incredible feelings. Most women have difficulty describing the sensations they get from Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. But they all say the same thing after using a Womanizer sex toy: My orgasm was out of this world!


Womanizer sex toy and the Pleasure Air Technology


Pleasure Air Technology

Womanizer is the creator of the revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology. In a nutshell, a Womanizer sex toy will stimulate your clitoris via a combination of air pulse and suction. And the crazy part is the toy never touches your clitoris. This technology is such a different way to arouse yourself. It explains why so many women have difficulty describing their sensations since there are no vibrations or direct contact.

The great benefits of this touchless stimulation are twofold. Firstly, your clitoris will never get used to the feeling. So, every time you use it, you will feel like it’s the first time. And secondly, you can come as often as you want.

A Womanizer sex toy will take care of you

You know the drill. You are tired and feel lazy, but your body wants to get some release. The Womanizer sex toy- Premium features an Autopilot function. You will love this. Instead of playing with all the buttons to adjust the intensity levels, you press the Autopilot button. Now all you have to do is enjoy the ride. It will surprise you with a variety of stimulations and intensity levels, just like an expert lover. And the best thing, every time you use it, you will live a brand-new experience with an earth-shattering climax.

You have choices

Womanizer sex toy-you have choice

Womanizer sex toys offer you seven models, to suit your needs. Almost all of them are for clitoral stimulation. Additionally, they offer the Duo, a dual stimulator, or a new version of a rabbit vibrator. So you know, they all have the Pleasure Air Technology and are 100% waterproof.

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Their flagship model is the Womanizer Premium. It offers you all the bell and whistles you want: 12 intensity levels, the Autopilot function we just mentioned, and Smart silence, meaning that it will only switch on contact with your skin. So, if you need to stop it, remove it from you, and it will stop.

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In conclusion, a Womanizer sex toy will provide you with a new way to arouse yourself, thanks to Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. And the good part is you can come as often as you want.

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