Choosing the best sex toys for women

Best sex toys for women

The best sex toys for women are not always easy to find. With a plethora of sex toys for women on the market, this article we will help you choose the best vibrator for women by giving you key criteria of selection and proposing you some of the best sex toys for women.

6 Key criteria for women masturbator

When we discuss about vibrators for women, there are 6 important elements to consider before making your purchase.

Body Safe Material

The first criteria in purchasing a woman masturbator is to make sure it is made with body safe material. Given the intimate nature of sex toys for women, you want to insure yourself that you will not run the risk of contaminating your pleasure spots with lesser quality products.


The best vibrator for women will offer all the power you need to get the satisfaction you want. The power is often referred to as RPM, for revolution per minute. The higher the number, the more powerful it is. Usually, corded vibrators offer the most power. Make sure that you have various intensity levels so you can find which one is best for you.


Vibration patterns

Since you are unique, you have your own way to stimulate yourself. Choosing a vibrator that offers you different vibration patterns will allow you to find what is best for you. Some products offer more of a buzzy vibration while others will provide you with deeper rumbly vibrations. It is a great way to discover your body and enjoy new sensations.


The best sex toys for women are rechargeable. They offer you incredibly good power and they make you save money on batteries.


Being able to play wherever you want, including the pool, spa or your shower is a nice feature to have in women masturbator. This offers you the flexibility to discover new pleasures in unsuspected places.


The hallmark of the best sex toys for women is how quiet they are. Sometimes, you need discretion in your solo or partnered play. It also eliminates the distraction factor of enduring a loud buzzing sound.

Top 5 Best sex toys for women

To make your life easier, we are presenting you some of the best sex toys for women that meet all our criteria:

Bullet vibrator-We Vibe Tango

# 5 Bullet vibrator-We Vibe Tango

In fifth place in our list of the best sex toys for women, We Vibe Tango is perfect to take anywhere with you. With its compact size, this bullet vibrator packs some serious power with 8 vibrations mode to choose from. We Vibe Tango is also a great way to introduce adult toys into your couple play. Join the dance with We Vibe Tango.


Clit vibrator-Womanizer premium

# 4 Clit vibrator-Womanizer Premium

A favorite in the best sex toys for women, the Womanizer Premium will provide you with intense climaxes with its Pleasure Air Technology. This touchless stimulation sends air pressure on your sweet spot and does not create any soreness. You can play as long as you want! A great feature is the Autopilot function. It is like a lover who knows what you want and desire. Enjoy yourself and let the Womanizer Premium do all the work.

For more information on this clit vibrator, follow this link: Womanizer Premium

Rabbit vibrator-Fifty Shades Greedy Girl Rechargeable

# 3 Rabbit vibrator- Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable 

This rabbit vibrator is ranked amongst the best sex toys for women. This top of the line rabbit vibrator is perfect if you love dual stimulation. Its curved shaft will stimulate your g spot and the bunny ears will engulf your clitoris with thrilling vibrations. Fulfill your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies!


Rabbit vibrator-Womanizer Duo

# 2 Rabbit vibrator-Womanizer Duo

One of the best vibrators for women, the Womanizer Duo will make you feel complete. This rabbit vibrator will titillate your clitoris with Womanizer’s revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology (It uses a touchless stimulation through gentle air pressure on your sweet spot ) and provides you with powerful deep G-spot vibrations creating the best blended orgasm you have been craving for!

For more information about this rabbit vibrator, follow this link: Womanizer Duo



Clit vibrator-Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure

# 1 Clit vibrator-Fantasy for her Ultimate Pleasure

Taking the first place amongst the best vibrator for women, the Fantasy for her Ultimate Pleasure will give your partner some serious competition. This clit sucking vibrator replicates oral sex by gently sucking your clitoris and driving you wild with its vibrating and flicking tongue. Indulge yourself in an oral sex marathon!


We hope this article answered your question on the best sex toys for women.


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