Dame Eva II breaks the orgasm gap.

With Dame Eva II, you will finally reach the ecstasy you crave during your lovemaking. This couple massager looks funny, but once you try it, you will be thrilled and shaking in pure pleasure. In this article, you will discover the two women behind this great product and how it can be beneficial for you.

Two women on a mission

Dame Eva II-couple massager
The two founders of Dame Products, Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, are on a mission: Help women take their pleasure in their own hands. They cite studies indicating that women are four times more likely to say that sex was not pleasurable compare to men in the past year. This situation is what they call the pleasure gap. And to make matters worse, more than 50% of people with vulvas report having faked an orgasm (Ellsworth & Bailey, 2013). As a result, Alex and Janet created Dame Eva II to change the way women experience sex and fix a real problem.

The Dame Eva II

Dame Eva II

Dame Eva II enhance your lovemaking with your partner. For many couples, the usage of a vibrator can be cumbersome. This couple massager, with its small size, does not get in the way of your intimacy. It helps you be more engage and focus on your partner. For your information, Eva II has flexible wings that will fit snugly under your labia majora to hold it in place and provide you with direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The most frequent comment we hear from women using it is Spot On! Also, you can be as acrobatic as you want with your partner. A single finger will secure it.

Recently, a client told the people at Dame products that it was the first time in their 8-year relationship that his wife wanted sex two days in a row!!

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Dame Eva II makes you more engaged in your intimacy with your partner. Yes, it does have a funny shape, but at the same time, it is not threatening for a man. We must say that the design is brilliant. Most women are pleasantly surprised by the strength of the vibrations. Using Dame Eva II will close the pleasure gap.

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