Hitachi Magic Wand: One of the “Most influential Gadgets of All Time”

Hitachi Magic Wand


The Hitachi Magic Wand’s popularity and its undisclosed usage were undoubtedly not anticipated by the people at Hitachi when they launched it in 1968. Initially created to be a general body massager to relieve sore muscles, women soon discovered its other usage. They were already reaching Cloud 9 with the Hitachi Wand before Man walked on the moon and the famous Woodstock Music Fest. The Magic Wand Original would later become an icon for women around the world and one of the Top 10 most influential gadgets of all time, according to Time Magazine!

Fast forward to today, it is still one of the best sex toys for women. The design or shape of the Magic Wand Original has not changed very much over the years. In 2012, Hitachi decided to stop producing the Magic Wand as they did not want to associate their name with a sex toy. Vibratex is distributing the product in the United States since 2000. They worked out an agreement with Hitachi to produce them under the name of Magic Wand Original. It allowed Vibratex and Hitachi to make some improvements to the components, circuitry, the vibrating head, and to improve durability.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is offered in 3 models:

Hitachi Magic Wand 


The Magic Wand Original still has its two speeds and a 6-foot electric cord, making it the Champion of vibrators on the market. It gives you strong, deep vibrations and lasting satisfaction. See the product.





Hitachi Magic Wand 


With the Plus, you get four mind-blowing intensities. It allows you to select the level of power your desire. Also, the cord detaches for easy storage.  See the product.






Hitachi Magic Wand Wireless





The Magic Wand Rechargeable offers four intensity levels as well as four different vibration patterns. Enough to keep you busy and satisfied. See the product.



The Magic of all those products can be resumed in one word: Power!

It is no wonder why so many therapists are recommending the Hitachi Magic Wand to women who are having difficulty reaching orgasm.

What are the 10 Most influential gadgets of all time?

If you are wondering what the ten most influential gadgets of all time are, here is the list:

1- iPhone
2- Sony Trinitron
3- Apple Mcintosh
4- Sony Walkman
5- IBM Model 5150
6- Victrola Record Player
7- Regency TR-1 Transistor Radio
8- Kodak Brownie Camera
9- Apple iPod
10- Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Wand certainly deserves to be one of the ten most influential gadgets of all time!

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