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The Kiiroo Keon is the smartest, strongest, and fastest automatic male masturbator on the market. Nothing compares to it. The Kiiroo Keon gives you all the versatility and pleasure you want. And with the included Feel Stroker, you will feel the sensation of penetration since the stroker's sleeve is designed to maximize your satisfaction. This is the closest thing to real sex.

The Kiiroo Keon offers you 4 Key Benefits for mind-blowing orgasms.

1- You can connect to interactive erotic content in real time
2- You have complete control of your pleasure
3- You will feel the sensations of penetration with the included Feel stroker
4- You can connect with your partner for intense pleasure together

In this article, we will review each of those benefits in more detail.

Kiiroo Keon lets you connect to interactive erotic content in real-time.


Kiiroo Keon connect to erotic interactive content

Realize your wildest fantasies by connecting your Kiiroo Keon to interactive erotic content produced by some of the world's leading adult sites. This interactivity is where the magic happens. You feel in real-time every thrust, moan, and groan of your favorite porn stars since this Bluetooth sex toy will sync perfectly with the action you see on screen. This connection is the power of the Kiiroo Keon. In addition, you get to experience real-time erotic action from the privacy of your home.

Moreover, with the Feel Connect app, you can interact with adult cam performers. Explore your erotic fantasies by giving control of Keon to the cam performers. All that is needed is for them to have the Feel Connect app on their smartphone. Thru the app, you invite them to join you for an interactive session and let the fun begin. If you enjoy tease and denial play, you are in for a treat since Keon features a stop button, which halts everything in a fraction of a second. There are not many male masturbators that offer this live interactivity.

Kiiroo Keon lets you Control your Pleasure.


This Bluetooth sex toy lets you ion control

With the Kiiroo Keon you have complete control of your pleasure. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its groove on the side, you can easily control the device with your hands. You can choose the interactive mode or switch to manual mode. On the manual mode, you can select from seven speeds and four stroker-length movements. The LED Lighting will indicate the settings you selected. Hence, it is straightforward and intuitive to use. This automatic male masturbator will work on your love tool the exact way you like it.

Moreover, this beast can get stroke up to 230 strokes per minute on the shorter stroke length and give mind-blowing orgasms. You will love the smooth movement of the stroker even at the highest setting. Also, the Feel Stroker locks in place securely and stays there, so you don't have to worry about it during your play session. By no means is this male masturbator quiet, but do you care? Another great benefit of this Bluetooth sex toy is the playtime of 2 hours from the rechargeable battery.

Kiiroo: Feel the Sensations


Kiiroo: feel the sensations

Kiiroo created the Feel Stroker to give you the best sensations with a real skin-like texture. This sensation is almost like real sex. Also, their proprietary formula for the sleeve uses body-safe material. Additionally, no matter your size, you will be able to enjoy the Feel Stroker, which is another benefit compared to other male masturbators. You will find it comfortable, and the internal texture offers you many nodules and ridges to maximize your pleasure. Moreover, you can use the Feel Stroker independently as you please. Using the stroker is a great way to increase your stamina.

Kiiroo Keon: Connect with your partner

Bluetooth sex toy to Connect with your partner

The Kiiroo Keon takes your sexting to a whole new level with video chat. Interact with your partner thru the Feel Connect App. You can make video calls, text one another, and watch interactive videos all in the same place. But the best part is that you can control your partner's other Kiiroo device or vice versa and play together. The Keon is the perfect Bluetooth sex toy for a long-distance relationship or if you are away on a trip. The Kiiroo Keon lets your partner give you the touch you crave, no matter the distance.


Kiiroo Keon are you ready to be blown away


In conclusion, with the Kiiroo Keon, you are not just getting a male masturbator. Keon allows you to realize your wildest fantasies by accessing a new world of interactive erotic content. Plus, you get to experience real sensations to maximize your pleasure and achieve mind-blowing orgasms with the Feel Stroker. And lastly, you can bring your sexting game to the next level with your partner. Are you ready to be blown away with the Kiiroo Keon?



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