Long distance relationship sex toys can save your couple

Long distance relationship sex toys

Long distance relationship sex toys play an important role to enhance your couple's sex life. Many reasons can bring two persons to live in a long-distance relationship. As a result, one of the challenges of such a relationship pertains to intimacy. How do you keep the flames of passion alive when your partner is far away? In this article, we will discuss how long distance sex toys work and we will give you some product suggestions that will improve your love life.

How do long distance relationship sex toys work?

All long-distance sex toys function with a Bluetooth application. Hence, it means that your sex toy is connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth. So, this gives you the ability to control it from anywhere in the world if you have a Wi-Fi connection. You can then grant access to your partner via the app to give him control of your long-distance relationship sex toys and vice versa. The beauty of those devises is they allow each one of you to stimulate and excite each other.

Another key feature is that long distance relationship sex toys can vibrate at the beat of your favorite music. Also, your partner can create an unlimited number of vibration patterns to tease you and bring you into ecstasy.

Long distance sex toys suggestions 

Since long distance relationships are not exclusive to a women/men couple, we are giving you four suggestions that will cater to all types of couples.

Firstly, for a partner with a vulva, we present you two suggestions: The Kiiroo Cliona and Pearl 2.

Long distance sex toy- Bluetooth vibrator-Cliona

Long distance relationship sex toys-Bluetooth vibrator-Cliona

This Bluetooth vibrator-Cliona will rock your world. It will give you strong sensations all over your body and you will be shaking in pure bliss. You can play with your partner from anywhere in the world and let him control your device if you desire. Also, you can connect it to over 4000 interactive erotic video content to excite you even more.  

Bluetooth vibrator-Pearl 2

 Long distance relationship sex toys-Bluetooth vibrator-Pearl 2

This long-distance relationship sex toy is one of the most technologically advanced G-spot stimulators. Pearl 2 features a touch-sensitive technology that reacts to your body’s natural movement. Go deeper and feel the power. Come out and feel those vibrations make you want more and more. This Bluetooth vibrator allows you to connect with your partner from around the globe. And like Cliona, you have access to interactive erotic content. Fulfill your most intimate need with Pearl 2.

Secondly, for partner with a penis, we present you two suggestions: The Kiiroo Keon and Onyx Plus

Long distance sex toy-Bluetooth vibrator-Keon

Long distance relationship sex toys-Bluetooth vibrator-Keon

The Bluetooth vibrator-Keon is the most advanced male masturbator. With the included Feel stroker, this long-distance sex toy reproduces the sensation of penetration very realistically. The Keon allows your partner or yourself to adjust the length and speed of the strokes. Furthermore, Keon can connect to any smartphone with the Real Feel Connect app, which enables you to play together. Also, you can link Keon to any other devices from Kiiroo. You can now choose your toys and enjoy sexual intimacy from anywhere on the planet.

Bluetooth vibrator-Onyx Plus

Long distance relationship sex toys-Bluetooth vibrator-Onyx Plus

The Bluetooth vibrator-Onyx Plus is the third-generation model in automatic male masturbator. With this long-distance sex toy, you can now get closer to your partner, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity to any smartphone. Onyx Plus has ten contracting/expanding rings that create an up-down motion on your man love's tool, simulating intercourse. Play together with other Kiiroo devices and feel your partner's touch, in real-time, from anywhere in the world.


Long-distance relationship sex toys break the distance barrier with your partner and allow you to enhance your couple’s sex life. As we have discussed, you have access to many options to play together and live a more fulfilling relationship.

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