Lovense Bluetooth are the perfect toys for long distance play


Lovense Bluetooth offers you an excellent selection of fun toys to play with your partner from anywhere in the world or close intimacy. In addition, Lovense makes Bluetooth vibrators to help people spice up their long-distance relationships if you do not know the company. This article will discuss the Lovense Bluetooth- sex toys and how they work.

Lovense Bluetooth- About the company

Lovense Bluetooth started in 2009 when the founder, Dan Liu, was in a long-distance relationship. The lack of sexual intimacy with his partner was a severe problem. So he asked himself, how can I fix this problem. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention! This intimacy problem led to the creation of Lovense.

Lovense launched the first internet-controlled toy in 2010, and you were able to control it thru a Skype connection. Between 2011 and 2012, Lovense did a lot of research and built prototypes to improve their product. And in 2013, Nora and Max were launched as the first Bluetooth sex toys.

Today, Lovense offers many Bluetooth vibrators. One of the critical strengths of Lovense Bluetooth is the stability and strength of the connectivity of their toys. Nothing is more frustrating than losing connection in the middle of your intimate moment with your partner. Lovense Bluetooth continually optimizes both the software and the hardware of their Bluetooth sex toys to ensure they are among the top options for people in long-distance relationships. The quality of their products explains why the company has won numerous awards in the last decade.

Bluetooth vibrators- Choices you have

The Bluetooth vibrators offered by Lovense are some of the best vibrators for long-distance relationships. We will introduce you to four of their sex toys for couples.

Lovense Nora


The first one is the Lovense Nora, which is the first Bluetooth rabbit vibrator ever created. Nora is now in its 6th generation. Nora features a rotating head that applies a wonderful pressure on your G-spot, like the finger of your lover stimulating you. Also, the vibrating arm is larger, which touches your sweet spot perfectly. The fun part is that Nora can control your partner's Max 2 device and vice versa, allowing you to play together and bridge the gap in your relationship.

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Lovense Max 2


The second one is the Lovense Max 2, the first Bluetooth male masturbator entering the market in 2013. Max 2 features: a 360-degree contraction sleeve, vibrations, and suction. They will bring your man's orgasm to an all-new level. The great thing for your couple is that Nora and Max 2 can be synchronized. As you move your device, it sends feedback to your partner's toy in real-time. It allows both of you to feel your partner touch in a whole new way.

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Lovense Ferri


The third one is the Lovense Ferri. This phone controlled vibrator will fit on your favorite panties thanks to its strong magnetic cap. You can control Ferri via your smartphone, or you can let your partner control it from anywhere in the world. Ferri can be controlled by either Nora or Max 2 but not the other way around. One thing is sure with Ferri; you will feel it down there!

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Lovense Lush 3


And the last one is the Lovense Lush 3. Brace yourself for some hair-raising sensations and adrenaline-rushing pleasure for your G-spot since the Lush 3 is the most powerful Bluetooth sex toy. You can control Lush 3 via your smartphone with the Lovense app, and you can let your partner control it if you desire. Additionally, Lush 3 can be controlled by either Nora or Max 2 but not the other way around.

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Lovense Bluetooth- How they work


Long distance relationship sex toys

The Lovense Bluetooth is simple to use. First, download the Lovense App on your smartphone to connect your Bluetooth sex toys. Secondly, using the app, you can call or invite your partner to join you and sync up your devices or let them control your toy. Additionally, you can use other video chat services like Skype if you desire. And the last step, let the games begin!

With the Lovense app, you will be able to create unlimited vibration patterns and even sync them to your favorite music. You will love the bi-directional interactivity as each one of you can control your partner's toy. Feel your lover's movements in nearly real-time. Inbuilt with advanced sensors, you feel all your partner's actions during playtime. Also, these Bluetooth vibrators allow you to record the patterns that were sent during a call and played back anytime you want. It is a popular feature for military couples! Your video calls will never be the same again.


In conclusion, Lovense Bluetooth are the perfect toys for long-distance relationships. You will love the real-time interactivity with your partner and bridge the gap in your relationship. Distance is now a thing of the past. Get closer together with these Bluetooth vibrators.

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