Ose Lora Dicarlo


The Ose Lora Dicarlo is the most complex robotic sex toy for women. For Lora Di Carlo, it all started with an enormously powerful blended orgasm. The kind that makes you fall off the bed! After getting back to her senses, she asked herself, how can I reproduce this by myself? The Ose Lora Dicarlo was born. In this article, you will discover the fascinating and controversial story behind this major innovative sexual product.

The Controversy

The Ose Lora Dicarlo entered for the first time the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in October 2018. The product won the Award in Robotic Innovation. A month later, the CES retracted itself and disqualified the product for being profane, immoral and obscene! How shocking, that a sexual wellness product could be consider obscene! Even more, when the CES is showcasing Virtual reality pornography! Lora Di Carlo and her team took on the fight.  They called them out on their long history of sexism.

Soon after, in May 2019, the CES realized their mistake and apologized. They returned the Award and worked with Lora Di Carlo to change their policies and include sex-tech as a category.

The Ose Lora Dicarlo


The Ose Lora Dicarlo is the ultimate blended orgasm machine. This sex toy for woman mimics the best kinds of human touch. You can explore your body and discover what you like. And you can do it hands free! This product is not a vibrator per say. It uses biomimicry to reproduce the come-hither motion of a finger to simulate your G spot and the motion of a mouth to stimulate your clitoris.


Being designed by a woman, this product is made to fit with any physiology and is fully customizable so you can find your perfect fit. For more information, see our product info on Ose.

The Ose Lora Dicarlo took by surprise the sex-tech Industry with a storm of innovation. The usage of vibration is not the only way to reach pleasure. And for Lora Di Carlo, it also opens the dialogue around sex and masturbation. You can now take your pleasure into your own hands.

The Osé was created to feel like a partner who wants to pleasure you the way you like it. The sex-tech industry will most certainly surprise us with fascinating innovation in the years to come.

We, at Vibe Bliss, salute Lora Di Carlo and we are very proud to offer her products.

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