Ose Lora Dicarlo versus the Womanizer Duo

Ose Lora Dicarlo versus Womanizer Duo

The Ose Lora Dicarlo and the Womanizer Duo are award-winning products and, more importantly, orgasm makers. While they seem to be similar, what they have to offer you is quite different in terms of feeling and experience. Determining the best one will be a question of personal preference. This article compares the Ose Lora Dicarlo with the Womanizer Duo by highlighting their strong points. This analysis will help you better understand the difference between them.

Discover the Ose Lora Dicarlo

Ose Lora Dicarlo and the CES Award

The Ose Lora Dicarlo made quite a remarkable debut entry on the market in 2018 during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Ose won the award for Best robotic innovation. A month later, the CES realizing that the product was a sex toy, decided to remove the prize. Their decision was based on the fact that the product was considered obscene, profane, and immoral. It was a blessing in disguise for the Ose Lora Dicarlo since it got massive media attention and significant public support. They got their award back!

What is the Ose Lora Dicarlo?

Ose Lora Dicarlo

The Ose is the most advanced micro-robotic sex toy for women. We considered this product to be a rabbit vibrator since it stimulates your clitoris and G-spot. Instead of relying on vibrations to pleasure you, the Ose Lora Dicarlo replicates the best kind of human touch. Let's start with the G-spot stimulator.
Ose uses an incredibly unique and innovative approach to make women reach a G-spot orgasm. The stimulator replicates the come-hither motion of a finger hitting your G-spot like an expert lover. It accomplishes this by having a nub that moves back and forth across your G-spot at various speeds and lengths. You get to choose what you like the most.

Then you have the clit stimulator that mimics a mouth's motion by using air pulse and suction over your clitoris. You can position the Ose Lora Dicarlo so you can use it hands-free and enter your fantasy world. The most significant advantage of the Ose compare to the Womanizer Duo is that the Ose is fully adjustable. Since each woman is different, the Ose Lora Dicarlo will adjust itself to your body type.

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What is the Womanizer Duo?

Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo is also a rabbit vibrator that stimulates your G-spot and clitoris. Like the Ose, the Duo brings a different approach to the classic rabbit vibrator. While the Womanizer Duo uses vibrations to stimulate your G-spot, the clit stimulator is an entirely different story. Most rabbit vibrators have bunny ears that vibrate, but the Duo uses Womanizer revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology. They invented the air pulse and suction technology to stimulate your clitoris. Your sweet spot gets all the attention it deserves, and since it is a touchless stimulation, your clitoris never gets irritated. You can come as often as you want.

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In conclusion, when we look at both products, they offer some remarkable features. If you are a big fan of G-spot stimulation, the Ose Lora Dicarlo will provide you with a fantastic experience like you never felt before. Also, you can adjust it to fit your unique curves.

On the other hand, if you enjoy vibrations, The Womanizer Duo will provide you with all the excitement you desire. The clit stimulator will drive you wild, and you can come as often as you wish.

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