Rabbit sex toy 101: Uncover their power to please you!

Rabbit sex toy


A rabbit sex toy is perfect for unleashing a powerful blended orgasm. You heard about it, and you want to experience it. For your information, a blended orgasm is a combination of having your clitoris and G-spot stimulated at the time and reaching orgasm simultaneously. Yes, we know; it's earth-shattering. And this is the reason why rabbit sex toys are so popular. In this article, we will discuss rabbit vibrators: what they are and how they work.

What is a rabbit sex toy?

A rabbit vibrator is a sex toy that will titillate and tantalize your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. They all have a phallic shaft you insert inside your vagina, and a clitoris tickler referred to as the bunny ears. The name rabbit vibrator has funny origins. The idea of the rabbit vibrator originates from Japan. Like the prohibition era, it was against the law to manufacture sex toys in Japan in early 1980. You know what happens when something pleasurable is forbidden: Creativity abounds. As a result, one such Japanese company, Vibratex, created animal shape vibrators to work around this law. Like they say: And the rest is history.

How does a rabbit vibrator work?

A rabbit sex toy is  composed of two parts: the insertable shaft and the bunny ears. In its simplest form, the shaft will vibrate inside of you to stimulate your G-spot, and the bunny ears will tickle your sweet spot. There are many ways to tease your pleasure points. For example, the insertable shaft can have thrusting motion, various vibration patterns, and intensity levels. Some of them recreate the come-hither movement of a finger or will have a thumping action to stimulate your G-spot. Other insertable shafts have beads inside of them moving up and down to tease the walls of your vagina.

Rabbit sex toy-models

As if this is not enough, the bunny ears have many tricks in their hat. The classic rabbit sex toy will have two bunny ears that caress your clitoris. They will tease you with different intensity levels to drive you wild. And to make things even better, some bunny ears have been replaced by a wheel of tongues to lick your sweet spot. Others will tease your clitoris thru air pressure and suction, bringing you new feelings and sensations. One thing is sure; a rabbit sex toy will have you screaming in pleasure.

Rabbit sex toy


In conclusion, a rabbit sex toy will become your new best friend. It will unlock your G-spot orgasm and have singing off the top of your lungs in pure ecstasy as you experience a fantastic blended orgasm.

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