Sex toys for beginners- our guide to find the perfect one!


Sex toys for beginners can be a challenge to find when you are a neophyte. If you are looking at sex toys for beginners to make your first purchase, and you feel uncertain on finding the right one for you, this article will guide you in this process and present some great recommendations for your first vibrator.

4 Important elements to know

For a starter, we would like to point out 4 important elements to consider in sex toys for beginners:

1- Body safe material:

First, make sure that they are made with body safe material. With all the cheap products out there, you are better off spending a bit more for a quality product that is safer for your health and will provide you more pleasure.

2- Rechargeable:

Secondly, using a rechargeable vibrator will cost you less over time versus a battery-operated sex toy. Also, it is more environmentally friendly. 


3- Vibrations patterns and intensity levels:

Thirdly, since you are unique, make sure that your toy offers different vibration patterns and intensity levels, This will allow you to discover what you like most, instead of having only a buzzy type of vibration which might not work for you.

4- Waterproof:

Fourthly, if you enjoy your solo play in the shower or bath, using a waterproof sex toy will be perfect for you.

After that, it will be a question of personal tastes and preferences.

There is a plethora of sex toys for beginners to choose from, but the first question you should ask yourself is which type of pleasure am I looking for? Do you prefer to tantalize your G-spot or you need direct clitoral stimulation in order to get yourself off? This will be your starting point in selecting the right women masturbator for you.

Our Top 3 recommendations of sex toys for beginners:

Satisfyer Pro Penguin:

Sex toys for beginners-Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Our first choice is the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. This clit vibrator has a slender shape that sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic contours. The handy design and easy controls make him especially suitable for novices. This clit sucking vibrator uses a revolutionary Air Pulse technology and contactless clitoral stimulation that creates never-experienced-before climaxes.


Le Wand Petite

Sex toys for beginners-Wand Vibrator-Le Wand Petite

Our second choice is the wand vibrator - Le Wand Petite. This versatile wand massager might be small in size but is BIG on power. The Wand Petite's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver. Its flexible vibrating head is perfect for stimulating your other erogenous zones: nipples, neck, or wherever else piques your interest. This wand vibrator is shower friendly.


Jack Rabbit Signature

Sex toys for beginners-Rabbit vibrator

Our third choice is the Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Ultra Soft Rabbit. Jack Rabbit® has crafted their most luxurious rabbit sex toys with ultra soft silicone that will tenderly caress your pleasure points. This rabbit vibrator is amazingly easy to use with only 3 buttons: Power, pulsation and vibration. You will love the fact that it is noticeably quiet.  Just in case you need discretion. You can take you rabbit vibrator in the bath or shower and it is rechargeable.


We hope that this article on sex toys for beginners was useful and provided you with all the information you were looking for.

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