Slow sex will bring you more intense pleasure


Slow sex for more intense pleasure

Slow sex seems like an oxymoron. In a world of instant gratification, taking our time during our lovemaking appears to be absurd. But is it? For many women, getting a sense of connection with their partner and relaxing before sex are vital ingredients to sexual satisfaction. Like it or not, we bring to the bedroom the life we live. This stressful life is why so many people suffer from sexual performance anxiety. So, if you are stressed out and feel like you always must perform, slow sex will allow you to reconnect with your body, mind, and partner. Also, if your partner has a penis, slowing things down will help him as well. It decreases performance anxiety and premature ejaculation.

Slow sex to create sexual tension

Slow sex to create tension

Slow sex permits you to experience a fuller multi-sensory experience. Our lovemaking is so focused on penetrative sex only that we have forgotten the art of the tease. You can start by seducing your partner with a smile and a languorous glance. Take the time to appreciate kissing each other. Feel the touches on your body, savor them. Explore your partner’s body. When you slow things down, your mind and body start to sync up. And for many women, not to say all of them, more extended foreplay creates more arousal and desire. Never underestimate the impact of a teasing and sensual touch. Your partner’s arousal and excitation level will go thru the roof. Trust us; you will create tremendous sexual tension just by teasing your partner.

Schedule time for your lovemaking

The idea of scheduling your next sexual encounter appears like booking an appointment with your dentist. It’s not exciting at all. But, on the other hand, not planning any quality time with your partner can lead to sexual frustration. We all have tight schedules, and very often, our sexual intimacy takes the back seat, especially when you have kids.

Imagine creating an event with your partner and make it a fun adventure. The anticipation of knowing that a slow sex session is on the agenda will most certainly get your arousal going. In addition, knowing that you have a date will prepare both of you to be in a better disposition since you blocked off some time to be with your partner.

Slow sex allows for more creativity.

Be creative

A slow sex encounter allows you to be more creative and explore different avenues. You can play out some fantasies or introduce various sexual accessories. Using a blindfold for a sensory deprivation play will heighten your senses. Moreover, you can also use a bullet vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango X or a wand vibrator like the Femme Funn Ultra Wand to stimulate your partner’s erogenous zone. They are small toys, and they are easy to use and play with. In your slow sex adventure, you can also do edging play. This play consists of bringing your partner close to orgasm and stopping right before. It appears frustrating, but in reality, you are building up a powerful orgasm for your partner because you want your lovemaking to conclude with a happy ending.


In conclusion, slow sex is a great way to create intense pleasure, but more importantly, it allows you to reconnect with your body, mind, and partner. Slowing things down and taking your time opens the door to experience different ways to stimulate each other and make use of your imagination.

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