Take your vibrating underwear for a night on the town.

Vibrating underwear on the town


With vibrating underwear, you will be able to have discreet fun in public. You might be red in the face because of this. But let us admit it, the sheer thought of wearing vibrating panties sends shivers of excitement down your spine. Yes, it can be audacious, and at the same time, nobody will know except you and maybe your partner. Vibrating underwear is a beautiful way to spice up your dinner.

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Why vibrating underwear?

Vibrating panties

Vibrating underwear will stimulate your clitoris, and for many women, it's the only way for them to reach orgasm. Like you know, penetrative sex is highly promoted, but it is not the only way for you to be satisfied. For instance, you can be kissing your partner in the car while your panties are lighting up the fire under your belt. You know what we mean. When you think about it, vibrating panties are maximizing your chances of reaching orgasm since they focus on stimulating your sweet spot.

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Vibrating underwear is perfect for couple's play.

Vibrating underwear for couple play

Using vibrating panties with your partner is the perfect way to spice things up. You know how routine can harm your couple's sex life. Keep the flame alive and be bold. You can enjoy some power exchange and let your partner with the remote. For sure, he will drive you crazy, but this time for a good reason. And if your partner happens to own a vulva, you can each have your turn.

Vibrating panties fit all body types.

 Vibrating underwear fits all body types

The good thing about vibrating panties is that they fit all body types. Many models have laces that you can tie around your hips and adjust the fitting to your liking. We see you coming with your comment: "Yes, but my panties are so comfortable to wear…" Rest assured, ladies, you can keep your favorite undies since some vibrating underwear stimulators have a magnetic fold. This way, the stimulator will hold securely in place, exactly where you want it. And you get to wear your panties.

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Types of remote control

With vibrating underwear, you have a choice for the remote control: the classic remote that works up to about 30 or 40 feet away. Or the new and improved Bluetooth remote works with a smart phone from anywhere on the planet (assuming you have access to Wi-Fi). We would mention that the Bluetooth remote offers you a more comprehensive range of vibration patterns and intensity levels. The choice is yours.


In conclusion, vibrating underwear is a great way to spice things up in your sex life. You can enjoy your pleasure outside your bedroom in complete privacy. Sure, you might be red in the face, but the thrill you will get out of it is well worth it.

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