The Hitachi Magic Wand 101: A Beginners Guide to pleasure

Hitachi Magic Wand 101 Guide to Pleasure


The Hitachi Magic Wand is world-renowned to help women achieve orgasm. For example, in a 2008 study* on 500 anorgasmic women, meaning women with a persistent inability to climax, the study found that more than 93% of them could reach orgasm using the Magic Wand. Are you curious to know how it is possible? Well, the secret to its fantastic success is one thing: Power. The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators for women. Its extraordinary power is a great feature, but there is one downside to it: For many women, the vibrations are just too strong to be enjoyable. This article will present you with some proven techniques to make you adore the Magic Wand.

The Hitachi Magic Wand and Betty Dodson

Hitachi Magic Wand and Betty Dodson


Some of the techniques we will show you are inspired by Betty Dodson. In the early '70, Betty Dodson was a pioneer of the pro-sex feminist movement. She is famous for her masturbation workshops and teaching women self-pleasure. Many women discovered how to use the Hitachi Magic Wand to reach Cloud 9 during those workshops. We encourage you to look at her book Bodysex Basics. She sadly passed away in October 2020 at the age of 91. We salute her fantastic contribution to women's sexuality.

Hitachi Wand for Beginners Pleasure Guide

The Discovery process

If you are new to the Hitachi Magic Wand, we suggest you place it on your vulva to start. Discover the feeling of those vibrations on your body and start exploring what you like and where you want it. In today's fast world, we are always running and doing a thousand things simultaneously. In your intimate moment, there is no need to rush it. Take your time and move the Hitachi vibrator across your body. Stimulate your erogenous zones and notice what you like or dislike. Just feel those vibrations entering your body and let yourself go. It will help you become more knowledgeable of your body.

The Towel Technique

Hitachi Magic Wand and the Towel Technique

If the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrations are too strong for you, place a towel over your sweet spot. This way, your clitoris is not in direct contact, and the vibrations are more diffused. You might have to fold the towel a few times to find the right way for you. Again, experiment with it and make it fun. Also, take some deep breaths that will relax you and make this more pleasurable for you.

The Pillow Fuck Technique

Betty Dodson Pillow fuck Technique

The Pillow fuck is one of Betty Dodson's techniques. As she says, this technique allows you to "Run the Fuck”. To accomplish this, place a pillow on the floor. It's preferable to do it on a flat surface instead of a bed. Place the Hitachi Magic Wand on the pillow and straddle it with your legs spread. You will be on top and in complete control. Rock your pelvis against the wand and adjust the pressure and your position until you find your happy place. By the way, it works better when the wand is on and vibrating! 😊 And then it's rock and roll, Baby! You are now in charge of your pleasure.

Hitachi Wand with your partner

You can enjoy sex with your partner while using the Hitachi Wand. The possibilities are endless. For instance, you can massage each other and get the tension points out of your system. You can be playful and tease your partner along the way. Don't be shy to explore. During your lovemaking, you place the Hitachi Magic Wand on your vulva and hold it in place between you and your partner. For sure, you will both feel the vibe.


Edging Reach the next level

Another technique is edging. What is it, you might ask? Edging is a technique that builds up your orgasm. You bring yourself near orgasm and stop at the last second. Take a pause and a deep breath and start again to repeat the process. While it appears to be frustrating, you are building a bigger orgasm for the happy ending every time you do it. You can have your partner do the edging on you with the Hitachi Magic Wand.


In conclusion, incorporating the Hitachi Magic Wand into your sex life will allow you to explore your body and feel entirely new sensations. Like you have read, your imagination only limits the pleasure possibilities. Go ahead and make your day!

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* Scientific World Journal, 2008 Study: Clinical Holistic Medicine: Teaching Orgasm for Females with Chronic Anorgasmia using the Betty Dodson Method by Pia Struck and Søren Ventegodt 

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