The Rabbit sex toy is creating a revolution!

Rabbit sex toy is creating a revolution

Rabbit vibrators are going thru significant improvement to help women achieve unbelievable orgasm. The good old classic rabbit sex toy primarily function is to stimulate your G-spot. The bunny ears will caress your clitoris, but if you thrust your toy, chances are, your sweet spot will not get all the stimulation you want. The loss of contact of the bunny ears on your sweet spot appears to be one of the major drawdowns of the rabbit vibrator; your clitoris does not always get the full attention it deserves to bring you to ecstasy.

Rabbit sex toys now offer mind-blowing clitoral stimulation. Those products are referred to as dual stimulators, and their goal is to provide you with a blended orgasm. You know, the one you crave the most. We will present you with four different models of rabbit sex toys at the forefront of this revolution.

The first is the rabbit vibrator- iVibe Select iRoll

Rabbit sex toy-iVibe iRoll

Imagine a rabbit vibrator that recreates the sensation of oral sex while stimulating your G-spot at the same time! It's the perfect lover. The vast majority of rabbit sex toys stimulate your clitoris and G-spot with vibrations only. The rabbit sex toy- iVibe Select iRoll, offers a rolling wheel of silky-soft silicone "tongues" that recreate the sensation of oral sex. And its insertable vibrating shaft is textured with motorized beads that move up and down its length, stimulating you differently.

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The second is the We-Vibe Nova 2

Rabbit vibrator-We-Vibe Nova 2

This rabbit sex toy is a game-changer for your pleasure! This rabbit vibrator has a funny shape for a good reason. One of the challenges you face is when you thrust your bunny vibrator, you lose contact with the rabbit ears on your clitoris, depriving you of the stimulation and pleasure you want. The rabbit vibrator-We-Vibe Nova 2 solve this issue: No matter how wild your moves are, the flexible arm will keep constant contact with your clitoris. You can move it as hard as you want since the larger surface will always rest on your clit to stimulate you. One thing is sure; you will get a mind-blowing blended orgasm.

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The third rabbit sex toy is the Womanizer Duo

Rabbit vibrator-Womanizer Duo

The rabbit vibrator makes you feel complete and doubles your pleasure. The Womanizer sex toy-DUO makes you enjoy the best of both worlds: You get the perfect clitoral sucking vibrator with Womanizer's revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology and powerful deep G-spot vibrations. You can have multiple orgasms since the touchless stimulation never actually touches your clitoris. Your body will never get used to the feeling, and you can come as often as you want.

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And lastly, the rabbit sex toy-Ose Lora Dicarlo

Rabbit sex toy-ose Lora Dicarlo

This rabbit vibrator is the ultimate blended orgasm machine! For Lora Di Carlo, it all started with an amazing, powerful blended orgasm! She asked herself: How can I repeat this fabulous orgasm by myself? She quickly realized that sex toys for women have been, for decades, relying on vibrations only as the primary way to reach pleasure. After years of research, you now have the most complex micro-robotic sex toy ever produced. This rabbit sex toy is created to feel like a partner who wants to please you the way you like it. The rabbit vibrator-Osé 2 mimics the human touch and caress by stimulating your clitoris and G-spot like an expert lover.

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In conclusion, rabbit sex toys have made a significant step forward in providing you with the blended orgasm you desire. You know you have the choice of how you want to be stimulated.

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