Vibrating panties: My knees were shaking all night!


vibrating panties


Vibrating panties are a nice addition to your pleasure box. If you ever see another woman walking in a funny way, you will know why! Vibrating underwear offer you a very discreet and safe way to have fun with your partner in a public environment.

The good thing about vibrating underwear is that you do not need to be a supermodel to be able to wear them. Most panties have long satin laces that allow you to tie them on your side and adjust the fit to your unique contour. Since more than 70% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, vibrating panties are a sure bet for your pleasure.

Things to look for in vibrating underwear

In selecting remote control vibrating panties, the choice of fabric will be of importance for your comfort. If you love the undies that you have and you want to keep it assorted with your bra, you will be happy to know that some stimulators in vibrating panties have magnetic clips that will fit perfectly on your favorite panties, allowing you to keep your preferred lingerie kit for that special moment with your lover. Also, you want to select vibrating panties that are made with body safe material.

Most of the vibrating underwear will offer you a plethora of intensities and patterns to choose from. An element to consider will be the remote. It must be easy to use and to go thru the different functions either for yourself or for your lover.

One thing that is often overlook is to know if the stimulator is rechargeable and how much play time it offers on a single charge. You might pay more than a battery operated one, but over time, you will save money.

Check out these popular vibrating panties:

Vibrating panties

Vibrating panties-Sensuelle Pleasure Panty Bullet w/Remote Control - 15 Functions

Imagine wearing vibrating underwear as you are going to dinner and your boyfriend is holding the remote! OMG! Most women fear the noise that the vibrating underwear will produce. Rest assured! The vibrating thong from Nu Sensuelle is incredibly quiet and very discreet. The amazingly powerful bullet will certainly make you bite your lips… from all those exciting sensations.



Vibrating panties

Vibrating panties-Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations 

The vibrating underwear from Fifty Shades of Grey are the perfect power play toy for you and your lover. You can submit to pleasure with the saddle-shaped vibrator that fits perfectly in your panties to stimulate your most intimate parts.






Vibrating panties

Vibrating panties-Lock-N-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser

The vibrating panties that will make you blush and have you smiling from ear to ear. The benefit of this vibrating underwear is that you can put on your favorite lingerie since the vibrator as magnetic tabs that will fold to hold firmly on your panties to stimulate your sweet spot. Those vibrating panties are equipped with a stylish yet discreet wristband controller that makes it easy for you or your lover to control the vibration intensity with the touch of a button.



With vibrating panties, you can now enjoy fun and discreet pleasure outside of the bedroom with your lover.

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