We Vibe is making sex exciting again

We-Vibe makes sex exciting again

You can play and control your We Vibe from anywhere with your smart phone.

We Vibe offers a complete range of couple massagers that makes sex exciting again. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm which is not always possible when you are making love with your partner. We Vibe offers a revolutionary product line to help women achieve orgasm during intercourse.

We Connect App

One of the great features of the We Vibe vibrators is their free We Connect app which makes them a Bluetooth vibrator. It allows you to create an infinite amount of vibration patterns and intensity levels via your smart phone and you can play with your partner from anywhere on the planet! (if you have a Wifi connection)

How does this couple massager work?

The particular form of this couple massager makes it idea for couples who want to introduce sex toys in their love life. Men do not feel threaten by it and they can also share the vibe.

We Vibe-couple massager
This couple massager is designed to be worn during your love making with the smaller part going inside your vagina to stimulate your g spot and the larger part stimulating your clitoris. When your partner is inside you, his full length is also stimulated by the vibration. You can select the different vibration patterns via your smart phone or with the remote control. You can be as creative as you want since the We vibe vibrator will stay in place, so you do not have too!

We Vibe is the Pioneer in couple massager. You and your partner can now enjoy the benefit of a vibrator and re-ignite your sex life.

We Vibe most popular models


We Vibe-Chorus:

We Vibe-couple massager

This is the most intuitive couples vibrator ever. Many sex toys for couples have to many buttons to adjust the intensity that you lose your passion and patience! This We Vibe vibrator is equipped with the Squeeze Remote Technology. It is designed with the most natural human response in mind. The tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets — and vice versa.

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We Vibe Unite:

We Vibe-couple massager

The couple massager- We Vibe Unite provides you hands-free clitoral stimulation during your lovemaking, with a slim design that’s comfortable and fun for both of you. You can now enjoy intercourse even more and unite in pleasure with your partner with deep powerful vibrations that stimulate your clitoris for mind blowing climaxes.

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We Vibe makes you enjoy sex with your partner even more!

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