Couple massager-Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 Interactive

Couple-massager-i-KiirooOnyxandPearl2Kit / Purple
Couple-massager-i-KiirooPearl2 Hand / Purple
Couple-massager-i-KiirooOnyx Hand / Purple
Couple-massager-i-KiirooPearl2 Box / Purple
Couple-massager-i-KiirooPearl2 Back Box / Purple
Couple-massager-i-KiirooPearl2 hand / Black
Couple-massager-i-KiirooOnyxPearl2 / Black
Couple-massager-i-KiirooOnyx Hand / Black
Couple-massager-i-KiirooOnyx Box / Black
Couple-massager-i-KiirooOnyx Back Box / Black
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The couple massager that offers you a world of erotic possibilities

Introducing you to the most technologically advanced sex toys for couples. For many people living in a long-distance relationship, or when your away on a business trip, what you miss the most is your intimacy and the loss of connection. With the couple massager- KIIROO® ONYX and Pearl2™ Set, you can get all the feels from anywhere in the world. Why should you play alone when your partner can play with you?

Pearl 2 is a G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology and Onyx2 is a male masturbator designed with discretion and luxury in mind. The great thing with this couple massager is the interaction between them. With your Pearl 2, you can control the sensations your partner will feel with his Onyx and vice versa; allowing both of you to stimulate each other from a distance or side by side. When the Pearl2 is inserted into your body, the touch sensors send a signal to your partner’s Onyx device 10 contracting rings, which work together to simulate intercourse in real-time. Your partner can also control your Pearl 2 from the touch-sensitive pad on his device giving both of you a whole new sensory experience.

Live your passion without limits with the couple massager- Kiiroo Onyx2 & Pearl2 Interactive


  • Pearl2 is a technologically advanced G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology
  • The third generation Onyx2 can reach up to 140 strokes per minute, allowing for maximum pleasure and stimulation.
  • The new design of Onyx2 also features a new rotating motor that continuously works in an up-and-down motion simulating intercourse
  • You can connect both devices to your favorite erotica
  • Kiiroo Onyx2 brings a whole new sensory experience to the internet: Intimate touch
  • This light-weight male masturbator is powerful, discreet, and perfect as a travel companion