Couple massager- Eva II by Dame Products

Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 / Fir Green
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Sideview / Fir Green
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Kit / Fir Green
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Charging case / Fir Green
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Back / Fir Green
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Box Charger / Fir Green
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 / Quartz Pink
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Sideview / Quartz Pink
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Back / Quartz Pink
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Kit / Quartz Pink
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Charger / Quartz Pink
Couple-massager-i-Dame-Eva2 Box Charger / Quartz Pink
Fir Green
Quartz Pink
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The couple massager that looks funny but delivers big pleasure!

This couples vibrator is designed by women for women to enjoy with their partner or solo. You might be asking how does this thing works? Eva II has flexible wings that will fit snugly under your labia majora to hold it in place and provide you with direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse. When you are using sex toys for couples, holding them in place can become a big distraction that makes you lose the mood. Eva is designed to rest on your vulva, leaving your hands free so that you can focus on your intimacy. If you get acrobatic with your partner, a single finger will secure it. 

This couple massager is 100% waterproof and made of silky-smooth body-safe silicone. It is quite simple to use and offers you 3 deep rumbly vibration speeds. Your clitoris will be incredibly happy. More than 70% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. With Eva II, your lovemaking session will allow you to reach the pleasure you desire with your partner.

Close the orgasm gap with the couple massager-Eva II