Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-with-remote-2 / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Sidefront / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Frontview / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-with-remote / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-i-Remote-sideview / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-sideview / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Front-box / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Back-box / Purple
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-with-remote-2 / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-sidefront / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Frontview / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-with-remote / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Remote-sideview / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-sideview / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Front-box / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Back-box / Pink
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-with-remote-2 / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-sidefront / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Frontview / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-with-remote / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-i-Remote-sideview / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-sideview / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Front-box / Turquoise
Vibrater-panties-i-Vedo-Niki-Back-box / Turquoise
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Vibrater panties-Vedo Niki

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These vibrater panties are great for a party downtown

The vibrater panties-Vedo Niki are very discreet, whisper-quiet, and powerful. You will love the extra stimulation provided by the raised silicone nub touching your sweet spot. One of the challenges with vibrator panties is that they do not always adjust to your body shape, preventing you from enjoying maximum pleasure. With the Vedo Niki, you will be able to bend the stimulator to fit your body’s curves perfectly and comfortably. Additionally, Niki will stay in place with the magnetic cap to stimulate your pleasure button precisely the way you like it.

These vibrater panties will drive you wild with 10 rumbly vibration patterns and 6 intensity levels. Also, you can give the remote control to your partner to make it more exciting. Whatever your fantasy, these remote control vibrating panties are 100% waterproof. Hence, you can play wherever you want.

The vibrator panties-Vedo Niki is a must-have for a fantastic night on the town or intimate encounters at home.

The Technical Stuff
Powerful motor
10 vibration modes and 6 intensity levels
Perfect position controlled by a magnetic cap
Ergonomic adjustable shape
Velvety smooth body-safe silicone
Remote control
USB rechargeable (USB cable included)
Designed to be wearable anywhere
Travel Lock
Running time 1 hour
1 Year Warranty

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