Couples viberators: Your Guide to pleasure

Couples viberators-your guide to pleasure

Couples viberators are wonderful to enhance your sex life. With them, you can discover new ways to stimulate one another and reach new heights of pleasure together. However, with that being said, we would like to dispel a common myth about sex toys for couples: A vibrator is not there to replace your partner. Quite to the contrary, using a couple massager allows you to be more creative and expand your erotic menu with your significant other.

Integrating couples viberators in your sex life can also help you solve bedroom issues you might be facing. For example, three of the most common issues sex therapists' threat with their clients are boredom caused by sexual routine, lack of foreplay, and difficulty in reaching orgasm. Our pleasure guide will give you great ideas to enhance your sex life and have some fun with your significant other in and out of your bedroom.

Couples viberators to set the atmosphere

Candlelight dinner is always a winning proposition. And if you follow it with a nice relaxing massage using a wand vibrator to release stress from the day, you will undoubtedly create some sparks! Here are three couple massagers you can use with your partner to set the atmosphere:

Lelo Smart Wand:

Wand vibrator-Lelo Smart Wand

The Lelo Smart wand helps you relax and unwind after a long day. You can use this wand vibrator on the neck and your partner's upper back to release tension points. Since the Lelo Smart wand is rechargeable and 100% waterproof, you can use it wherever you want. For example, you will have much more fun in the bath together using this couples vibrator.

Wand vibrator-Femme Funn Ultra Wand:


Wand vibrator-Femme Funn Ultra Wand

With its smaller size, this couple massager is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in your hand and is made with silky smooth body-safe silicone. You will enjoy its unbelievably soft cushiony texture on your body. Also, the Femme Funn Ultra Wand features a Turbo boost button. Press it, and it goes at the highest setting. You know … when the time is right.

Le Wand Petite:

couple massager-Le Wand Petite

The couple vibrator- Le Wand Petite is ideal for those who are new to wand massagers. Flexible with targeted vibrations in the head of the wand, the Petite's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and stimulate other erogenous zones, too — nipples, neck, or wherever else piques your interest.

Couples viberators for foreplay

These couples viberators will transform your foreplay into more play. You can never underestimate the importance of foreplay in your sexual satisfaction. It allows you to rediscover each other and experience new sensations. At the same time, you create a stronger relationship with your significant other. Here are a few suggestions to pique your interest:

We-Vibe Tango X:

Bullet vibrator-We-Vibe Tango X

This unassuming vibrater will rock your world. It is perfect to create sexual tension with your partner. Enjoy stimulating each other erogenous zones, play tease and denial, or other games you fancy. This bullet sex toy is the new version of the Tango. We-Vibe re-engineered it to bring you even more thrilling sensations. With the Tango X, you will embark on a beautiful discovery journey of pure bliss.

Hot Octopuss Digit:


Bullet vibrator-Hot Octopuss Digit

This couples vibrator will give your partner delightful sensations. The Hot Octopuss Digit is a wearable finger vibrator that is designed to feel like it's part of you and is perfect for those with dexterity issues. Digit curves seamlessly around your fingers to become an extension of your body. It will work wonders on your man's body.

Hot Octopuss Amo:

Bullet vibrator-Hot Octopuss Amo

The Hot Octopuss Amo has strategically placed curves that enable you to switch between pinpoint and all-encompassing vibrations, providing the type of sensations you want to feel. This couple vibrator is excellent to stimulate any body parts and perfect if you're going to entice your partner.

Sex toys for couples to make things more exciting

Sex toys for couples are great to bring back excitement into your intimacy. However, if you are in a committed relationship, a routine can set in quite rapidly, and your sexual encounters become very predictable. And you know what happens when sex becomes boring. So instead, go ahead and ignite the fire of your passion with these couples viberators. Take your pleasure outside the bedroom!

Vibrater panties-Vedo Niki:

Vibrater panties-Vedo Niki

The vibrater panties you want for a fun night on the town. Transform your candlelight dinner into a fun teasing session with your partner. With the Vedo Niki, you will be able to bend the stimulator to fit your body's curves perfectly and comfortably. Additionally, Niki will stay in place with the magnetic cap to stimulate your pleasure button precisely the way you like it. Chances are, you will not reach dessert.

Bluetooth vibrator- OhMiBod Esca 2:

Bluetooth vibrator-OhMiBod Esca 2

With this Bluetooth vibrator, you can let your partner lead you on a journey of pure pleasure. Also, the OhMiBod Esca 2 lets you engage with your lover from across the room or across the world with intense G-spot stimulations. Discover earth-shattering pleasure since you can choose from an unlimited amount of vibration patterns and intensity levels with the OhMiBod app. So let your lover take you on a thrilling joyride!

Nu Sensuelle Mini Butt Plug:


Remote control viberator-Nu Sensuelle Mini Butt Plug

This couples vibrator offers pleasure for everyone. The Nu Sensuelle Mini butt plug is a remote control vibrator that will tempt you to experience back door pleasure! So allow yourself to be bold and daring! One thing is sure; your sex life will not be boring anymore with this couples vibrator.

A couple massager for the heat of the moment

Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, even during intercourse. Hence incorporating sex toys for couples in your lovemaking is the perfect way for both of you to be sexually satisfied. Like we said before, a vibrator is not there to replace your partner but to enhance your sexual intimacy and pleasure. These couples viberators will spice things up when it's time to get down to it.

Couple massager Dame Eva II:

Couple massager-Dame Eva II

This funny-looking couples massager is made to stimulate your sweet spot. You might be asking how does this thing works? Dame Eva II has flexible wings that will fit snugly under your labia majora to hold it in place and provide you with direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse. This couple vibrator is designed to rest on your vulva, leaving your hands free so that you can focus on your intimacy. If you get acrobatic with your partner, a single finger will secure it. With Eva II, you will reach the pleasure you desire with your partner.

Couple massager-Lelo Tiani 3:

Couple massager-Lelo Tiani 3

This couple massager will make you discover an entirely new way to enjoy sex with your partner. This couples vibrator is a must-try – one arm vibrates powerfully inside you, and the other massages your clitoris, all while transmitting the pleasure the whole way along his length while you make love. And with the Sense Motion remote, you can adjust the intensity with the flick of a wrist. The Lelo Tiani 3  will create the spark you have been waiting for.

Couples viberators-We-Vibe Chorus:

Couples viberators-We-vibe Chorus

This couple vibrator will take your sex life to an entirely new level. This couple massager is worn during sex. And in case you ask, the We-Vibe Chorus is very flexible and adjustable to fit with your unique body, so you can feel the vibrations right where you and your partner want them. Additionally, it's effortless to control the settings thanks to the Squeeze Remote Technology. With Chorus, you will both share the vibe and reach new heights of pleasure together.

The Hitachi Magic Wand:


The Hitachi Magic Wand

This pleasure workhorse has satisfied women for over 50 years. The secret to its magic is one thing: Power. So, if you need strong clitoral stimulation to reach Cloud 9, the Hitachi Magic Wand will get you there. This is why the Hitachi wand is one of the most popular sex toys for couples. It works magic with everyone.


In conclusion, couples viberators offer many ways to enjoy a wonderful sex life with your partner. Additionally, using a couple massager allows you to be more creative and expand your erotic menu with your significant other.

We hope this pleasure guide was helpful and if you liked it, please share it with your friends.

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