The rabbit vibe: An evolution in pleasure

Rabbit vibe: An evolution in pleasure


The rabbit sex toy is going thru some impressive changes to improve your pleasure experience. And one of the significant changes is; finally, the clitoris is being recognized as a center of sexual pleasure by the sex toys manufacturers. Moreover, the rabbit vibe exemplifies this quite well thru the different changes in shape and functions it underwent. This article discusses the various type of rabbit vibes you can choose to experiment with the sought-after blended orgasm.


Rabbit vibe: The Classic version


This rabbit sex toy is the classic version where you have your G-spot and clitoral stimulators. Make sure that you select a rabbit vibe made with body-safe material like the Jack Rabbit Silicone Ultra Soft in your buying process. Additionally, some models offer two independent motors allowing you to choose the stimulation you want on your pleasure points. For sure, you will reach Cloud 9 with the classic version of the rabbit vibe.

Rabbit sex toy: Thrusting version

Rabbit-vibe-Fifty shades of grey greedy girl thrusting G-spot

If you love to thrust your rabbit vibrator during your play, the chances are that your sweet spot will lose contact with the clitoris stimulator. This, in turn, will deprive you of the pleasure you seek. To solve this issue, some rabbit vibes have thrusting action. The internal part of the rabbit vibe will thrust back and forth to stimulate your G-spot. The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting G-spot is an example. You won’t have much work to do since the rabbit vibe does all the job.

Additionally, you now have rabbit vibrators that will use a come-hither motion to stimulate your G-spot like the Lelo Ina Wave. This rabbit vibrator will excite you in a unique way. It massages your G-spot like the finger of your lover in a come-hither motion combined with a powerful clitoral stimulator, giving you the most intense whole-body orgasm, you’ll ever experience.

Rabbit sex toy-i-Lelo Ina Wave

A Rabbit vibe with style

Rabbit vibe-We-Vibe-Nova 2

The rabbit sex toy- Nova 2 from We-Vibe, took an entirely different approach regarding thrusting your toy. One of the challenges you face is when you thrust your bunny vibrator, you lose contact with the rabbit ears on your clitoris, depriving you of the stimulation and pleasure you want. So, instead of being limited by the thrusting motion of the rabbit sex toy, We-Vibe changed the form of the rabbit ears into a flexible stimulator arm. With this, We-Vibe Nova 2 solves the issue: No matter how wild your moves are, the flexible arm will keep constant contact with your clitoris. You can move it as hard as you want since the larger surface will always rest on your sweet spot to stimulate you. This design gives you more control over the pleasure you want.

The Dual Stimulator


Womanizer Duo

The rabbit vibe is now entering a newer phase with dual stimulators. Like we mentioned before, the clitoris is recognized by manufacturers as an essential pleasure point. Therefore, the rabbit ears are now replaced by a different technology: air suction and pulsion. Womanizer invented this dual stimulator call Duo. It uses Womanizer revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology to titillate your sweet spot. And it offers you powerful G-spot vibrations, which means that you experience two different kinds of stimulation: vibrations and air pulsion. Yes, it is mind-blowing!


In conclusion, the rabbit vibe offers many ways for you to reach ecstasy. Whether you prefer the Classic version or are into the dual stimulators, they will deliver the blended orgasm you crave.

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